Marketing strategies are built on the usage of data which should be collected from the customer/service user.</div

You can not reach the targeted audience if you do not use correct data gathering. Another thing you need to think of is after collecting the data – how to use it. You won’t need any data gathered unless you do not know how to put it into action.


Let’s have a look at the importance of data collection.

At first place, data will allow you to know more about your existing and future client, by analyzing the information they give you. If data is collected properly, it can also lead to cost avoidance for the company, as you will build your information database on your own and also apply this for future marketing campaigns absolutely for free. You would already know your potential customers and do not need to target them again or make a new research, so this is also time saving.

Digital data collection improves the reliability of data and allows you to have larger sample of data. It is faster to collect and is also done by a machine, so human efforts and error possibility are minimized.




If you are wondering how you can gather the data digitally, here are some examples and advices how to do that.
  1. The first thing you might think of would be website contact forms.
  2. The customer will then provide you with their contact data automatically as well as what he/she is interested in, while the forms be easily arranged in an excel sheet and there it is, your database! Use also the checkout or POS system to collect data, provide your customers to take part in contests or giveaways, they would be happy to win and you would be happy to have them back in a marketing campaign afterwards.
  3. Surveys, event sign-ups or app installations are also a good way for gathering data.


Make sure you add extra value for the customer, because if you just ask them to provide you with their e-mail, they are unlikely to do so. An incentive of some benefits included are the keys to success when asking for customer data – offer them discounts, coupons, or even to donate. Give them a clear view of what the data will be used for. Promise them to not share or use the data for any purpose other then the incentive or your marketing needs. You will see them trust you more and provide you with the required data.


The customer data you can collect and use should definitely suit your business needs. Most commonly, traders gather info like name, e-mail address, physical address, interests or activities, surveys etc. Use the data to gain insights or set up trends for your specific company activities/needs. You will be able to build a customer segmented profiles – this will make your marketing more effective and generate cost savings.


You might think of a partner to help you with building your information database and start developing your business rapidly. This could be also us. Contact us now.