Moving to a new country may be intriguing, satisfying, but also very challenging and full of obstacles. In this article, we would like to present you and get to know you with the steps you are likely to go through when relocating employees to another country, in particular Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007 and for the past years it became very attractive to investors, employees and even whole families to relocate to. It has a couple of advantages that invite 3business and private to visit and why not to stay for longer.

Among the advantages we have in Bulgaria are the low tax and social flat rates, income tax of only 10% for business and private. We also have high demand on skilled professionals, which would allow them to work in almost every field and most likely this to be connected to using their mother language like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish etc. Bulgaria has for years a lot of foreign investors who you could work for or work with.

In order to relocate your employees to Bulgaria and use all the social benefits the country offers a several points should be considered for you as an employer.

You should make sure the employees get a residence permit to stay in Bulgaria and be eligible for work.

  • EU-citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area are allowed to stay and work in Bulgaria, as long as they do not act on a role for which a Bulgarian citizenship is required or included in the list of regulated professions in Bulgaria (e.g. professions you need a special diploma or national qualification).
  • Citizens of countries outside the EU or EEA – in order to work in Bulgaria, citizens coming from third party countries should gain a permit for working in Bulgaria, a visa type “D” for longer stay in the country and personal document from Bulgaria.

For citizens that come from third party countries, but already have permit to stay in another EU country, different from Bulgaria, the procedure would be a lot easier, because they would have the right to stay in Bulgaria as well.

The temporary residence permit for Bulgaria has a duration of five years, which means that you can build long relationship with your employees when moving them to Bulgaria successfully.

You should think of renting an office and settling your business in Bulgaria

If you are about to hire or relocate employees in Bulgaria, you have to relocate your business and office as well. Registering your business on the Bulgarian market through the Registration agency takes approximately a week and it can start operating immediately. Finding an office for your specific needs won’t be a problem as well, especially in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where a lot of business space is built and already prepared for rent.

If you have any questions about relocating employees to Bulgaria, we can definitely walk you through the process and help you with all the queries you have.