Companies must stay competitive in our rapidly changing world – no matter how big or small they are or in which area they work. If we look at the impact of the COVID-19 crisis this is a very good example why we should do this – stabilize our business especially during such kind of impact like COVID-19.


First thing to do is to understand the importance of real-time analysis and financial data. If you have it on mind and on an excel sheet, you might be able to make better and more informed business decisions. Of course, you can use the data for other purposes, too – like creating a loan plan to apply for or to measure your labor costs. Businesses would understand more and more why this information is essential.


Financial data preparation is something you can outsource – and this might be critical to your daily business, if you urgently need this data or you have to make a decision. We call these activities back office because they are something that your clients won’t see, they won’t help them choose your services or goods but will help you as an entrepreneur for sure! As you will know how to manage your business even more effectively.


Functions in your company like accounting, payroll, HR take a lot of time and efforts, you need to hire some personnel or even a whole team. If you just think of outsourcing these activities you might save a lot of budget, time and get better expertise. Your personnel will be able to spend their time on other day-to-day activities you might not be able to outsource, especially if you are specialized in some field of work.


Let your team concentrate on what they do best and outsource all activities related to bookkeeping, tax returns and declarations, year-end or month end, auditing. Accounting firms often use the latest software, have the knowledge and experience as they do that everyday all the time, they will make you familiar with all local regulations and will save you time and money.


COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives – it made us think for the time today and not for a long period ahead as we used to, because we did not know what will happen in the next months or even days. It also allowed us to search for ways to eliminate this uncertainty and by outsourcing back office activities you might transfer the risks to someone else – a third contractual party to take care of your employees hiring, re-hiring or fires.


As the company who is outsourcing works within a defined budget with their partner, responsible for the outsourced business, this model offers financial stability – which is much needed in Corona Crisis or such changing times. You will know exactly how much it will cost and will be able to focus on other parts of your day-to-day activities and to drive revenue. Your outsourced back office partner can provide you with quick decisions and resources to meet your rapidly changing needs, they can adjust and react the way you need this at a reasonable price. So, you can recover much easier from what the crisis brought.