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  • strongly suggests to the Client to backup his/her data before engaging Autsorsa in the development process. We will not be responsible for any kind of data loss in the duration of the work as the client is fully responsible for backing up his/her data before starting the new work.
  • Autsorsa is not responsible to carry out any kind of additional work not agreed beforehand like website content, hosting or graphics unless agreed beforehand with the client.
  • Autsorsa will share timely update to the client on its demoserver and if we didn’t hear back from you within 7 days of work submission, we will assume that the work has been approved from the client side.
  • Autsorsa will always ensure the timely delivery of the project and milestones however there might be unforeseeable circumstances where the project or milestone might be delayed due to 3rd party application dependency, complexity in the existing code, communication gap etc.
  • The client is solely responsible for obtaining copyright of the content which he/she provides during the development process. The Client is also responsible for allowing Autsorsa to use the content during the development process. Autsorsa reserves the right to ask for evidence of permissions of the content, any time during or after the development process.
  • Autsorsa will not entertain any kind of additional work we have to undertake due to the client’s negligence of providing access to our code/work to the third party developer/vendors. In case our work is modified by any third party we reserve the right to decline the work or charge an hourly rate to rectify the bugs that may have occurred.


  • Autsorsa accepts payments via Bank Wire transfer, Cash or Cheque. Autsorsa reserves the right to decline any particular payment method due to non-availability. Autsorsa also reserves the right to modify the payments methods or transaction fees without prior notice.
  • Non- Payment or overdue payments over 1 months duration from the client side may results as a legal action if needed.
  • Autsorsa may charge a cancellation fees if the client decided to cancel the project before completion. We will bill the client for the work that has been done on and before the cancellation date plus the cancellation fees.


  • If we needed to integrate any 3rd-Party application to the client’s applications that 3rd party application will be purchased and provided by the client side and any problem with the third party application will be resolved from the client side.
  • Autsorsa may not provide warranties or support to third party applications we integrated. We provide 1 month free support for the work we have submitted. After 1 months the client can opt for a monthly paid maintenance pack or any other suitable payment plan as per with the discussion and agreement with the client.
  • Autsorsa will work closely with the client to finalise the client’s requirements and may draft them in a document and will freeze the project scope. If might take care of the minor tweaks the client requires however for major changes and for the time consuming tasks we may charge an hourly rate or give a flat rate for the required additional functionality.


  • Autsorsa will deliver the project to the client and provide all source files after complete payment has been realized in our bank account. We may delay the project deployment if we don’t receive the final payment.
  • After successfully deployment the product will be the client’s property and we will provide all the necessary source files to the client. We may publish the client’s website to third party portals or on our website as our work portfolio. If the client wants his or her work to be excluded and not to be listed he or she is free to sign up a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with us.
  • Autsorsa will do its best to complete the project in the given timeline if the required deposit has been made prior to starting the project and required information has been provided from the client side in order to initiate or resume the development process. Autsorsa may need to increase the timeline for the unforeseeable reasons beyond our control.